Continuo Pardubice Czech Republic

the mixed chamber choir

We are a mixed chamber choir that brings together people who like nice choral music. Singing is a hobby for us and a part of our lives. The founder and first conductor of the choir was Jana Kosinková, a graduate of the Pardubice Children’s Choir and VUS Pardubice.

Since September 2005 the choir was led by choirmaster Doc. Ing. Vlastislav Novák, in May 2010 his granddaughter – Mgr. Lucie Gregorovič Fárová, DiS.

The choir’s repertoire includes classical choral compositions as well as compositions by contemporary composers. It is unrivaled, affecting all musical genres and styles. The choir has also recorded a profile CD and collaborated on the recording of the CD formation PIRATE SWING BAND. Continuo Pardubice organizes a May and Christmas concert every year, inviting singing or instrumental guests such as Vaclav Uhlir, Leos Cepicky, Hana Medkova, Alfred Strejcek and others.

In recent years the mixed choir has performed at the Mirror of Arts Festival in Pardubice, Czech Republic, he has worked with choirs VUS Pardubice, Bonifantes Pardubice, Iuventus Cantans Pardubice, Hradec Králové, Salvator Chrudim, Collegium Cantantum Prague, Alou Vivat Usti nad Orlici, Orfeus Pardubice, Signum Hlinsko, and Slavoj Chrudim as musical ensembles such as the Pardubice Chamber Philharmonic, Corvus Quartet, the Young Big Band of Týniště and the University Academic Orchestra. The choir also performed at a joint concert with Petr Kotvald, Jiří Ševčík’s PIRATE SWING Band, 4TET vocal group or the Pavučina band from Pardubice or Jiří Pavlica and Hradišťan.

The choir regularly organizes charity concerts in support of institutions and disadvantaged individuals, such as the Pardubice Children’s Home, the Oncology and Children’s Department of the Pardubice Hospital, the Retirement Home in Pardubice, and specific sick children; The choir also participates in events such as “Czech singing carols”, a benefit event “Helping Children” or “The Mirror of Art” at the Pardubice City Celebrations. The choir gained its first competition experience in June 2005 at Harant Festival, where it brought one of the awards. In the following years, the choir took part in the Festival of Song Festivals Olomouc and the International Festival of Advent and Christmas Music with the Petr Eben Award (2006), the 2nd Festa Choralis Bratislava Festival (2007), Mozart Prague Festival (2011), IFAS International Festival of Academic Choirs (2016), The European Sacred Music Festival EFDH (2013 and 2018), won a number of valuable awards.

Continuo XX

Continuo XX is a Pardubice women’s choir, which was founded in January 2009 and its members belong to the mixed choir Continuo Pardubice. The conductor is from the beginning, Mgr. Lucie Gregorovič Fárová. In a short time, the choir has won awards at prestigious international festivals. In October 2009 he won 2nd place in the gold band in the category of women’s choirs at the Praga Cantat 2009 festival and in May 2011 as the most successful women’s choir took third place in the silver band at the 6th Mozart Prague International Festival when he missed the gold band just 2 points. The choir also performs at concerts with mixed choirs and participated in a joint trip to a non- competitive international festival in the Italian town of Rosignano Maritimo. Likewise the repertoire of the mixed choir, the repertoire of the women’s choir Continuo XX extends to various historical periods and affects most musical genres, including arrangements of folk songs from the Czech Republic and abroad.